Ships are not for harbors, and shoes not for shoe racks.

Footwear are made for walking, ships for sailing. While both enjoy a brief period of rest at a shoe rack or a harbor, that period of rest isn’t their permanent fate. So while a regular oil check, a stock onboarding is necessary and vital, or an unlikely pandemic to put a temporary, but seemingly permanent and definitely long pause on the use of outdoor footwear, change remains permanent. Growth remains purposeful, painful, eventful, and meaningful.

A harbor is where a ship is safest at. But that’s not what it is made for.

A shoe rack is where a shoe is cleanest, unwearied at. But that is not what it was made to be.

Am I being what I was made to be? What was I made to be? Something to think about, know?




Also, am I just super-philosophizing the fact that my footwear wore off? Maybe I should just buy new shoes. Check a few out yourself here.

Anyway, may you have comfortable shoes and voyages, and may you discover life and purpose.  Have a great one!

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